Why Stage A Home for Sale? Statistics for Realtors and Homeowners

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As you plan your marketing strategy and prep for your new listing’s photo session, it’s more than likely that your homeowner is wondering: why stage a home for sale? Can’t I just tidy up? Won’t a stager just want me to spend thousands to make it perfect—cutting into what I could make from the sale? While [...]

The Secret to a Primary Bedroom Retreat

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A primary bedroom retreat is one of the top three areas to stage well if you want to sell your home quickly and for top dollar (the other two are the living room and kitchen). But why wait ‘til you’re ready to sell before starting to transform your home’s most private space into a sanctuary you’re [...]

Reimagining Your Space for Work and School

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Would reimagining your space for work and school help you feel less crammed and cluttered at home? It’s something most of us are being forced to do. We’re all carving out spots for virtual conference calls and quiet work time, while many are helping kids stay focused on virtual classrooms, or finding room to spread out [...]

Top 7 Staging Secrets!

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Whether you're getting ready to sell or just spending more time at home, these Top 7 Staging Secrets will help make you (and buyers) love your space even more! Put extra emphasis at keeping the entry area uncluttered and clean. It's one of the most crucial staging secrets homeowners miss, partly because they're so used to [...]