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Will staging a home pay off big even when we’re already in a hot seller’s market? The short answer is “you bet!” Here’s why.

Today’s sellers have an expectation: my home is going to sell fast, and for way more than I could have hoped just a few years ago

Most real estate agents know it’s not likely to be quite so simple. What are the REAL stats on home sales in Cary NC? 

  • Average days on market in Cary NC right now: 70. 
  • Average list price: $450K
  • Average sales price: $462,500

While the market is undeniably hot, with sellers in prime position, it’s critical that they (and their real estate agents), do whatever they can to keep the negotiating power on their side.

How will staging a home pay off big in this type of hot seller’s market?

Staging helps sellers attract more buyers. 
  • Professional home staging focuses on highlighting your home’s virtues and minimizing quirks and faults. 
  • Attracting the highest number of good offers starts with attracting the highest number of buyers.
  • Virtually all buyers are shopping online first — and some are buying without ever stepping into the home. Create a jaw-dropping first impression in the home’s key rooms — living room, primary bedroom, kitchen, at the very least. You’ll also create desire, demand and an emotional attachment that lingers. 
Staging reduces buyer concerns and increases confidence.
  • According to studies, staging prompts 27% of buyers to overlook faults in a home. The less a buyer feels they have to do before move-in, the more in-demand that home will be. 
  • Plus, buyers linger an average of 40 minutes in a staged home (vs 6 in non-staged ones). This is a homeowner’s and real estate agent’s dream! When the buyer settles in for a while — imagining a gathering with their family, or the ease of relaxing in their new backyard — rather than calculating the cost of fixing annoying (but minor) issues, you’re on the road to a profitable sale. 
  • Given the choice between a staged home and an unstaged home, buyers are also more likely to choose the one that’s been professionally staged. That’s because they’ll have less to do when they move in — and that helps them feel that their dollars are stretching further. 
Staged homes generate more emotional attachment — and a high ROI
  • The more attached to the home buyers are, the more aggressively they’ll pursue it, leading to higher offers. According to a study done by the Real Estate Staging Association, 85% of staged homes sold for 5-23% over list price. 
  • The investment in professional staging isn’t about sinking money into a home just to make it look pretty. We carefully select the strategies, decor, and design details that will create true bang for a seller’s buck. Our success is defined by creating the highest return possible on a seller’s staging investment. 
  • The average staging investment is 1% of asking price — and ¾ of home sellers see an ROI of 5-15% over asking price. On a $450,00 home in Cary, that means staging can be expected to average $4500, and generate an extra $18,000 to $63,000 for the seller.

So if realizing the highest return on this, one of the largest financial investments most people make in their lives, matters to you (or your clients), staging is the way to position yourself for success.

And of course, for a real estate agent, the listing photos are prime examples of your own brand. These photos will live on long after the end of this crazy market. How do you want to be seen?  

If you’re wondering “will staging a home pay off big for my home?” please reach out for a quick phone call. We’ll be happy to walk through your situation and help you determine if it’s a good fit for you.


Thanks very much Sherrie! You did an amazing job helping us get their home beautiful and ready to list.

Heather Piper, KW Realtor

Hey Sherrie I wanted to share some good news… that townhouse in Brier Creek went live on Saturday morning, held it open both days, and we have an offer on the way today. The exact unit around the corner, not really updated and vacant, has been sitting for 36 days! Testament to the power of staging and value of open houses. Thank you, you’re awesome!

Hugh Grist, Grist Realty

We’d just like to offer a sincere thanks for the work you did staging our house. We believe that the advice you and Amy gave us along with your staging made a huge difference in both the price and the time on the market for our sale. We cant thank you enough. Feel free to use us as a reference for future clients.

Sincerely, Roger & Carla Wilson

Are you selling your house soon? Let me tell you… I didn’t believe it… But our listing didn’t go as fast as we wanted and I decided to stage my empty home… We got multiple offers over asking in 48 hours!!!

It’s literally exactly what Sherrie Medeiros said happens with her clients!

Sherrie is 5 star all the way!

K Mitchell
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First Impression Home Staging bedroom decorating photo.

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